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About Dive-In Panels

Dive-In Panels comprises communities of individuals interested in providing opinions regarding their areas of expertise. It’s a proprietary panel of Divergent Insights which is one of the leading service providers of operational services to the research industry. It is already serving many clients and some of them being the largest research companies.
We have around 8 million+ surveys completed till Jan’2022.
Dive-In Panels allows panel members to share their expertise and opinions on a variety of subjects, products and services via online market research surveys. This allows companies to best meet market needs. Your opinion counts and you’ve got the freedom to say what you

Your participation is valued in return for cool rewards. Collect and redeem engagement points for Amazon, TOPSHOP, Boots, etc. gift vouchers.
If you wish you can also donate your rewards to charity. For queries regarding the points & reward system you can
Your privacy is important to us and we assure complete confidentiality regarding all the information you provide when you register to Dive-In Panels and when you provide your opinion. If you would like to find out more about us, please contact us.

20 Million Users have been using our portal till now.
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